PIHKA to the spotlight

Hey, we’re PIHKA – our names are Sofia and Roosa. Up until now, we've been trying to hide, but
it’s time to celebrate the first full decade by stepping forward.

The heart of PIHKA handbags beats next door to the Design Museum In the historic
neighborhood of Kaartinkaupunki in Helsinki. If you visit us, you can buy a handbag from our
collection or make one of your own in our workshop. We don’t think of design as some distant
form of artistry. We believe anyone can dip their hands into beauty. We’ve noticed that it’s an
intense experience for people from all walks of life – not just for artisans like us.

We are on a journey to bring joy into people’s lives, and we’d love everyone to join us. We love
how our mail delivery guy once bought a bag while he was out doing his rounds, a construction
crew member dropped in to pick a gift for his wife, and he’s always interested in how we are
doing. We are also equally proud of our Prime Minister Sanna Marin choosing to carry a PIHKA
handbag as she fights to put the Nordic vision of the world on the map. We couldn’t be more
proud of how PIHKA is connected like this with equality, education and other values important to

Today, we celebrate how fashion designed Samu-Jussi Koski and graphic designer Kitty Salovaara
have helped us to curate what we call the PIHKA collection. We’ve valued Samu throughout our
entrepreneur journey, and it’s been super interesting to see what he pays attention to and where
he finds meaning.

We believe in that bit of wisdom that you become like the people close to you. Who you choose
to hang with is everything. It’s almost strange how the two of us clicked so quickly when our
paths crossed, now a decade in the past. Equally exceptional is the hand print that we
experience together in workshops, and now with S&Co – or Samu-Jussi’s and Kitty’s creative
studio. We’re really feeling the visual identity they’ve created – it syncs with our souls.

Our small revolution is that we want to bring beauty and handcrafting closer to everyone to
counterbalance the era of design stars. The carefully selected materials, the handsewn seams
and polished details of the collection have been made to be taken apart and mended. To us, that
is deep love: a gentle touch through the years and decades.

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A favourite of former prime minister Sanna Marin, Helsinki-based accessories brand has undergone a facelift with a little help from Finland's best fashion talent. Here’s everything you need to to know.