For us, responsibility means that the products we manufacture are made to be loved and used throughout life. One bag is enough. PIHKA collection's roots are in high-quality craftsmanship, and by combining sustainable design with artisan know-how, we create products that stand the test of time and the traces of life. Our products are made so that they can be maintained and repaired. There is always a new owner for used PIHKA products.

We do not make seasonal products, but renew our collection always listening to customers' wishes and needs. For us, the essence of responsibility is that our customers want and can use our products for as long as possible. Four out of five of our customers would recommend our products.


We have chosen leather as the main material for PIHKA products, because it is a versatile, durable and timeless material. Leather is a by-product of cattle farming. All the leather we use comes from Europe.

The path of leather from pasture to a finished PIHKA product is multi-stage. The responsibility of leather is based on numerous different aspects, such as animal welfare, transport journeys and the use of water and chemicals. When we order leather from a factory that is well advanced in its own responsibility work and has been awarded recognition for this work, we can trust that the material we use meets our high responsibility and quality requirements.

Currently, our leather mainly comes from the following suppliers:

– Richard Hoffmans, Germany – mineral tanned leathers. Hoffmans tannery is an ambitious developer of environmental responsibility. For example, a factory produces the energy it uses itself. Richard Hoffmans' tannery has received the gold classification of the international Leather Working Group.

Our product

With careful design, we can greatly influence the responsibility of our products. All our products can be disassembled, repaired and serviced. PIHKA products have a lifetime warranty for wearing metal components. A good example of repairability is also the PIHKA footwear construction, which, unlike most footwear constructions, allows shoes to be resoled. It is important for us to offer the possibility to service PIHKA products through us. On the repair side, we rely on the top experts in domestic shoemaking.

High-quality material can be seen in our collection. When the upper leather is dyed through and of high quality, our bags do not need a lining fabric to hide the weaknesses of the upper material. Our product can also be recognized by the beautiful raw edges of the leather and the timeless design language. Our leather products stand up to time and hard use.

Our production

Domestic manufacturing and nurturing manual skills is a matter of our hearts. All PIHKA products are manufactured in Finland either by our own hands or by our trusted experts - under the leadership of Jouni in Sastamala, or in our own workplaces in Helsinki on Punanotkonkatu. If our products can be made nearby, why would we take our production far away? The manufacture of PIHKA products requires artisanal know-how and the skill of the maker in every work step. We have found partners who, with their own professional skills, take the Finnish art of hand-making forward.⁠

As a guarantee that the products and services are from Finland, PIHKA collection has been granted the rights to use the Avainlippu and Design from Finland brands.

Our customers

We want our customers to feel that the PIHKA product they bought was made just for them. We offer personalized products and individual experiences: you can buy the product ready-made or make it yourself with a leatherwork course. In both cases, the products can be modified to suit your own preferences. When an emotional bond is created with the products, they are taken better care of.

The sense of community and shared experiences are a source of joy for us. At PIHKA courses, our customers get to make a design craft product for themselves in a relaxed and competent atmosphere.

We listen to our customers' thoughts with a sensitive ear. Involving our customers even more closely in our operations is an important part of our responsibility work in the future.

Our operations as a trendsetter

While we cherish traditions, we at PIHKA collection are ready to challenge rigid practices and look for new operating models. Our course activities are a good example of our company's originality and positive handprint, which extends far and wide. Based on the feedback we have received, we dare to claim that our course activities increase the appreciation and care of leather products and people's well-being.

- PIHKA collection was awarded the 2018 Taito award. The award jury particularly valued our course activities, which advance craftsmanship and traditions.

- We received the 2018 Von Wright innovation award for our originality, growth orientation and our desire to internationalize.