Gift Card for Purse Making Course


Surprise your significant other, friend, relative or colleague with a wonderful gift – an opportunity to handcraft a stylish, personalized PIHKA purse!

During PIHKA’s four-hour purse making course, the attendants will be handcrafting a PIHKA exclusive designs Agata envelope clutch or Kielo purse from start to finish, from cutting the leather to sewing. Vegetable-tanned leather is used as the material, with light tan, medium brown or black as the color options. All the phases of the work will be done by hand. No prior experience in leatherworking is necessary. We will be assisting and guiding the course participants through all the phases of the process.

Courses are held in the PIHKA Boutique and Workshop premises, in the charming old Kehräsaari industrial complex in the heart of Tampere.

During the interesting & delightful half-day spent learning the secrets of leather handcrafting, all the attendees will be creating their own personalized, stylish, practical and durable leather bag.


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