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Natural sea sponge is a durable, naturally antibacterial and biodegradable tool for various cleaning purposes.

The gentle natural sea sponge can be used on all types of surface leather. Thanks to its softness, the natural sponge from our care product series can not only clean bags, but also various leather products, such as shoes, jackets, gloves or chair covers.

Sea sponge can be used for quick cleaning with just water or for more thorough cleaning with FAMACO cleaning foam. The natural sea sponge glides particularly well on the leather, making cleaning easier.

Use with FAMACO cleaning foam:

1. Moisten the natural sponge and squeeze most of the water out of it; the sponge should only remain moist.
2. Dispense the foam onto the sponge and wipe the surface to be cleaned with the foamed sponge.
3. Rinse the sponge and wipe off the foam with the sponge.
4. Repeat if necessary and allow the surface to be treated to dry completely at room temperature before applying a leather conditioner to the surface. Also air-dry the sponge for the next use.

Dimensions: approx. 7 x 9 cm

Material: gentle and finely divided Fine Sponge sea sponge. The origin of the material is the Mediterranean, the spnges are finished in France.

It is important to us that your PIHKA bag stays with you year after year. All our products are handmade in Finland, in Sastamala. Our leather comes from European factories that are audited by the Leather Working Group. For sewing, we use water-repellent Serafil Wre (water-repellent and ecofriendly) polyester thread, which does not contain harmful chemicals.

Our products have a lifetime warranty for wearable metal parts. We also offer maintenance service for all our products.

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Right of return: Our products have a 14-day right of exchange and return.

Before applying conditioners to your leather product, brush loose material from the surface with a soft brush or damp cloth and treat the surface with a leather cleaner. We recommend ecological FAMACO cleaning foam or Saphir leather cleaning emulsion for cleaning. The substance is spread evenly on the surface of the leather with a natural sponge or a soft cloth, the excess substance is removed and allowed to dry. The surface is finished with a leather brush or cloth.

After cleaning, protect the leather surface with FAMACO protective spray or FAMACO leather care agent. In both care products that provide moisture and protection, the substance is sprayed or spread evenly on the surface of the leather with the help of a soft cloth. Allow to dry carefully. After treatment, the surface is still polished with a leather brush or cloth.





Our products have a lifetime warranty for wearable metal parts.
We also offer maintenance service for all our products.


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