We think that the world can be changed for better by doing good business. Our aim is to build better design and handicraft industries, and at the same time create a positive handprint in society more broadly. To put it simply, we want to give more than we take.

The cornerstone of our sustainability work is insightful design and long-term thinking. At PIHKA collection, we always choose quality over quantity. PIHKA products are meant to last and bring joy as long as possible.


We have chosen leather as the main material for PIHKA products because it is a versatile, durable and timeless material. Leather is a by-product of the meat industry. All the leather we use comes from Europe.

The journey of leather from pasture to a finished PIHKA product is long. The sustainability of leather encompasses a variety of issues, such as animal welfare, transportation and the use of water and chemicals. By ordering the leather that we use from a company that has been recognised for its sustainability work, we can be confident that the leather in PIHKA products meets our high sustainability and quality standards.

At the moment, the leather we use comes from the following tanneries:

– Richard Hoffmans, Germany – chrome tanned leather. Tannery Richard Hoffmans is an ambitious developer of the company’s environmental responsibility. The tannery has achieved a Gold rating from the international Leather Working Group.


Our products

With smart design, we can greatly increase the sustainabilily of our products. All our products can be disassembled, repaired and maintained. A good example of smart design is PIHKA shoe construction technique, which enables PIHKA shoes to be resoled. We want to offer you the opportunity to bring your PIHKA products to us for care and repair. In shoe maintenance and repair, we co-operate with the expert shoemakers Tuija and Auli from shoe repair shop Mansen suutari.

In our collection, high-quality material is highlighted. With through-dyed, high-quality leather, our bags don’t need lining to hide any weaknesses of the outer material. You can recognise PIHKA products also for their beautiful raw edges of leather and their timeless design. Our products withstand time and wear.


Our production

Supporting local production and craftsmanship are important to us. All PIHKA products are made in Finland either by our own experts or by our expert partners – Jouni in Sastamala and Taneli in Forssa. If our products can be made nearby, why would we take our production anywhere else? Preparing a PIHKA product requires skilful craftsmanship in every stage of the work. We have found reliable partners who also advance Finnish craftmanship with their expertise.

As a guarantee of the domestic content of our products and services, PIHKA collection has been granted the right to use the Key Flag Symbol and Design from Finland mark.

Our customers

We want our customers to feel that the PIHKA products they buy are made just for them. We offer unique experiences and products that can be customized: you can buy a ready-made product or prepare one yourself on a leather craft course. In both cases, the product can be personalized to suit your preferences. Customisation creates an emotional bond with the product, which means that it is taken better care of.

Shared experiences and a sense of community are a joy to us. In PIHKA courses, our customers get to make their own handcrafted design product in a relaxed atmosphere and supported by experts.

We are always open to our customers’ thoughts and ideas. Engaging our customers even more closely in our activities will be an important part of our sustainability work in the future.

Innovative business

While we cherish traditions, we at PIHKA collection are also ready to challenge old-fashioned practices and look for new business models. Our course activities are a good example of our company’s originality and positive handprint that reaches far. Based on the feedback we have received, we dare to say that our course activities increase the appreciation and care of leather products and the well-being of people.

– PIHKA Collection was awarded the 2018 Taito award. The jury especially appreciated our course activities, which take craftsmanship and traditions forward.

– We received the 2018 Von Wright innovation prize for our uniqueness, growth drive and ambition to go international.